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My story being a companion began seven years back, each time a close friend suggested I could be living a lifestyle less ordinary. She would have been a well refined courtesan, living a special life. I�d known her profession for quite a while and must admit that the idea of following suit had crossed my head on several occasion. We spent the following couple of hours sipping mint juleps and contemplating just how one goes about learning to be a true companion to women of leisure. Needless to say, it took more than a few hours to become who I’m today. It also took many mint juleps. It�s a fantastic story, and I�d fascination with you to join me over the following chapter.

straight male companion
I’m of Scottish/Irish/English decent with a hint of Native American, although I�ve learned my features reminisce of Eastern Europe. Physically, I stand 5�8� with brown leafy hair and matching eyes. I live an active lifestyle which will keep me with a fit 175lbs. I�m aquatic of course, and for that reason spend as much time in the water as possible. When I�m not chasing blue lines down by the pool, there�s a good venture I�m surfing out on the coast.

While my chosen vocation fits perfectly with my lust forever, I�m also capable of expand my education while indulging in adventures that quench my thoughts, body and soul. My inquisitive and mischievous nature has led me down an array of paths which show in my ongoing love for art, literature, science (fiction or otherwise not), cinema, exotic travel, and music. I’m a self taught musician who enjoys composing, recording, and performing my very own music. It�s not unusual to get me around the back deck strumming a 12-string guitar.

I am aware that in life people need a bit break to unwind and enjoy ourselves wholeheartedly. Whether that be described as a nights dancing, a romantic dinner, cocktails with lively friends, or a quiet evening with someone that making you feel perfect in most way. I love these products and desire to share them with you.

Smith Curren | About